SEO for Publishing Companies at SIPA 2011: 5 Best Practices from the US – Ale Agostini

The last week, I was at SIPA, the International Meeting of publishers in Specialized Information. In my speech, I analyzed 5 best practices from U.S. to demonstrate how implementing them could boost your SEO performance.

SIPA Munich 2011 - International Conference

As we know, search engine optimization is not a “set it out and forget it” process. It requires constant attention and analysis to be sure that the right message is getting to the right audience at the right time.
Simply ranking well is only part of the formula, getting people to click through to your website and integrate it with your offline marketing is where the profits lie.

Ale Agostini at SIPA Munich 2011

Let’s go into the 5 best practices:

  1. Integrate Images and Videos into your site and optimize them: they provide a better user experience and improve indexability.
    SIPA Munich 2011
  2. Improve your Click Through Rate with Google Instant Preview: research show that people scan pages and after that decide whether to read them.
  3. Integrate Search Engines Optimization and Social Media: since web users are more social, users opinions influence other users and engines.
  4. Online Reputation on Search Engines: your brand reputation is based on the first page of Google’s results.
  5. The impact  of the site structure on SEO and user: your website should reflect how user search.

After the conference, Buch akademie has made an evaluation of the feedback questionnaires that were handed back . As most of the comments were in German, I tried to translate them and have attached how people have evaluated my speech.SIPA 2011-Opinions


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