Since 2008 I have helped over 400 managers and companies get success with digital marketing, improving their visibility in Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. I supported the online growth of hundreds of companies, such as, Rentalcars, Generali, Gazzetta, Bayer and many more.

In 2011 I founded, the first digital marketing and SEO agency that participated in the United Nations PRECOP26 (United Nations pre-conference on climate, Milan 2021) and partner of Connect4Climate, a brand of the World Bank Group. supported more than 400 customers over the years and it’s also the first digital marketing agency to integrate artificial intelligence into its services.

I care a lot about digital sustainability and I created Karma Metrix, the first algorithm that calculates the CO2 emissions produced by web pages.

I’m a marketing professor at RCS Academy, Booking Academy, Business international, Ninja Marketing. I have been a speaker at several international events, including TEDx Switzerland and the UN climate pre-conference26.

I am also the author of several publications on digital marketing with Hoepli.

Before my current activity, I founded Bruce Clay Europe (American SEO leader since 1996) and managed the international marketing of brands such as Ferrero, Campari (where I launched the Gorilla Crodino advertising) and Bolton Manitoba.

Training events in which I have been Teacher / Speaker

Gorilla Crodino con Ale Agostini


Since 2010 I have been working with ‘Hoepli” and I have published several books, including Make a career with LinkedIn, a manual with everything you need to know to be successful on Linkedin, and B2B Marketing Revolution which reveals the winning strategies for a business to business marketing, and much more.

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